About Us

My name is Dr. Abel Akon a graduate of 1998 from Assuit University, College of Veterinary Medicine in Egypt.

I moved to Saskatchewan in 2000, worked in several veterinary clinics before establishing City Mobile Veterinary Practice in 2014.

My goal is to offer your pets with nonemergency veterinary services such as wellness exams, Preventive care, and treatments of minor injuries in the comfort of their own homes.

A House Call provides a convenient and excellent opportunity for an individualized vet service to patients and clients in a stress-free environment of their own residence.

I am passionate and committed to addressing your furry friends’ veterinary needs in a professional manner and will refer them to other veterinary hospitals if further diagnostic and hospitalization is required.

Dr. Akon through City Mobile Vet Services provides cost-effective health care to your dogs and cats in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

Call Dr. Akon the Vet that come to you today.

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